Open Booths

Open booths are ideal for the spraying of components and smaller items in aerospace sprayshops. Open booths are available in various sizes and provide excellent extraction.


The dry filtration eliminates water disposal problems and allows the open booths to be easily installed in virtually any location, with no need for drainage.

Aerospace Spraybooths


Eurotecno specialise in supplying high quality equipment that complies with the specific requirements of the Aerospace industry.

The modular nature of the construction allows extremely high specification spraybooths of almost any size, from open booths for spraying small parts to huge spraybooths in which a whole aircraft, fuselage or wing can be sprayed. The modular construction also provides the spraybooth with even downdraught airflows throughout the entire booth without the necessity of zoning.


Aviation spray booth


Eurotecno industrial and aerospace spraybooth/ovens are built to the same exacting standards as the Tornado Series. Each booth features full filter ceilings, excellent illumination and recycling bake cycle with Ultra-stable temperature control.


aerospace spray booth


All Eurotecno spraybooth/ovens are fully CE certified and comply with all EPA, PM25 and COSHH regulations


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Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. Suppliers of downdraught airflow spray booth/ovens for automotive, CV, aerospace and other industrial uses in the UK. Suppliers of paint rooms, preparation platforms.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd provide maintenance, upgrades, services and repairs and supply filters and parts to most makes of spraybooth and paint booth in the UK.