Custom built solutions

Eurotecno specialise in tailor made custom built solutions. Spraybooths can be designed to fit in difficult spaces, power group configurations can be changed to suit your particular requirements and the layout of each spraybooth is designed individually.

Due to the modular nature of the construction, most custom-built solutions are possible without incurring extra costs due to deviating from the standard models, allowing you to get the booths you need at the right price.

Spraybooths are available with a raised base with internal ramps, eliminating the need for excavation in locations where extraction pits are not desirable.

Where space is at a premium, power groups can be roof mounted on a specially reinforced ceiling platform. Many other installation options are available to precisely tailor the installation to suit your specific requirements.

Paint rooms, preparation booths and prep areas and dust extraction all form part of Eurotecno’s product range. Preparation areas are available in a variety of configurations to suit your particular requirements.

Eurotecno provide detailed plan and excavation drawings, and custom installations are coupled with accurate 3D visualisation drawings and renderings to provide a high quality representation of the final installation.

The high level of documentation is continued after the installation, when comprehensive test documentation and certification is provided.

All installations are carried out by Eurotecno’s experienced in-house installation team and are carried out quickly and to a very high standard

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Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. Suppliers of downdraught airflow spray booth/ovens for automotive, CV, aerospace and other industrial uses in the UK. Suppliers of paint rooms, preparation platforms.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd provide maintenance, upgrades, services and repairs and supply filters and parts to most makes of spraybooth and paint booth in the UK.

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