Commercial Vehicle


Eurotecno supply a full range of CV spraybooth/ovens, from booths suitable for spraying panel vans all the way up to the largest artics. The entire CV range is based on the same specifications as the Tornado series of spraybooths, ensuring the same attention to detail, downdraught airflows and ultra stable temperature control.


CV Paint booth


To increase the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the spraybooth/ovens, industrial and CV booths are available with multiple sections. Each section is fully independent with it’s own control panel and it is possible to spray in one section whilst baking in another. With all division doors open, the booth can then operate as one single full length spraybooth/oven.


cv spray booth lighting


The division doors can be glazed multi-leaf doors or motorised aluminium roller shutter doors, finished in white. The sections can be symmetrical, or asymmetrically split for maximum flexibility.


Each section has independent temperature, airflow and pressure balancing control for true independent operation.

Commercial vehicle spray booth
commercial vehicle paint booth


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Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. Suppliers of downdraught airflow spray booth/ovens for automotive, CV, aerospace and other industrial uses in the UK. Suppliers of paint rooms, preparation platforms.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd provide maintenance, upgrades, services and repairs and supply filters and parts to most makes of spraybooth and paint booth in the UK.