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Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. Suppliers of downdraught airflow spray booth/ovens for automotive, CV, aerospace and other industrial uses in the UK. Suppliers of paint rooms, preparation platforms.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd provide maintenance, upgrades, services and repairs and supply filters and parts to most makes of spraybooth and paint booth in the UK.

Downdraught system

The downdraught system is designed to enable an extremely even air-flow and temperature in each part of the spraybooth, minimizing pressure losses and ensuring that ‘dead spots’ in the booth (parts of the booth which have relatively poor airflow) are eliminated.

downdraught air-flows rely on a carefully designed ventilation system, and underfloor extraction through floor grids. The downdraught system is the only method available to ensure even airflows and extremely even temperatures with low fluctuation within the full length of the spraybooth.

The overspray is quickly and efficiently removed, extracted by the below floor extraction, which prevents the overspray coming into contact with the items being sprayed, or the operator, which happens with cross flow and side extraction spraybooths. Wherever the operator stands within the booth, he can be confident that the overspray will not be dragged along the items being sprayed causing potential imperfections in the finish as can happen with cross-flow spraybooths.

Temperature control

For reasons of safety, and in order to prevent any combustion gases entering the spraybooth cabin, all Eurotecno spraybooth/ovens incorporate extremely efficient indirectly fired systems, which actually outperform direct-fired systems.


The high quality stainless steel heat exchangers utilize the finest materials (AISI 430 stainless steel is used throughout) and are coupled with 3-stage burners for extremely fine control. The indirectly fired system ensures that no burner fumes can enter the spraybooth cabin.

The advanced baking phase recycling system has been designed for maximum efficiency with significantly lower running costs and ultra stable temperatures, with fluctuations as low as 1.0˚C for the entire bake cycle achievable.