High Technology Spraybooths


From standard vehicle booths to the largest aerospace facilities, Eurotecno supply quality spraybooths designed to provide the optimum spraying and curing environment.


The same high quality construction is utilised throughout the product range. All wall panels are double skinned and rockwool insulated, which provides high energy efficiency and longevity. All panels are coated in arctic white internally and externally and the finish is designed to defuse light and prevent glare.


Highly controlled downdraught airflows are achieved with the use of PLC controlled inverters and centrifugal ventilator fans direct driven by three-phase electric motors. Centrifugal fans are more efficient and much quieter in operation than duct-mounted impeller fans. Anti-vibration joints are used throughout the booth to provide an extremely reliable and quiet booth. The inverter control system speed controls the fans to reduce energy consumption significantly.


Reliability is further improved by the careful choice of motor power and fan rotation speeds coupled with a fully automatic pressure balancing system to ensure that the motors are always running within their capability even when the filters are soiled. Eurotecno spraybooths can be custom built to suit your specific requirements and Eurotecno specialise in providing a ‘tailor-made’ service.


Please contact us should you require additional information.

Spray Booth & Ferrari
Tornado Series
Spray Booth & Ferrari
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Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. Suppliers of downdraught airflow spray booth/ovens for automotive, CV, aerospace and other industrial uses in the UK. Suppliers of paint rooms, preparation platforms.

Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd provide maintenance, upgrades, services and repairs and supply filters and parts to most makes of spraybooth and paint booth in the UK.

Spray Booth & Ferrari Spray Booth & Ferrari Aerospace paint booth Open Booth paint booth