Tornado series spraybooths


The Tornado series is designed for car bodyshops. All spraybooths in the Tornado series include high end features throughout, such as centrifugal ventilator fans, indirectly fired burner with high quality AISI 430 stainless steel heat exchangers and electronic light ballasts.


Automotive Spray booth


The walls are manufactured from double skinned insulated (mineral rockwool) panels, no poor quality sandwich type panels are used in a Eurotecno spraybooth! The doors are heavy duty with large inspection windows (with laminated safety glass) opening on precision bearings for easy, effortless opening and closing. The standard of construction is high quality throughout, ensuring many years of trouble free operation.


Full filter ceilings and downdraught airflows throughout ensure the highest quality paint finishes throughout. The high airflows achievable in the spray and bake phases make the Tornado spraybooths ideal for use with water based paints, without requiring expensive and difficult to control air deflectors/accelerators (which tend to distribute any debris in the booth all over the freshly sprayed vehicle!). Each model has various ventilator fan options, from 20,000 m3/h to 32,000 m3/h (in a 7m x 4m booth).


car spray booth


The airflows are automatically controlled by the pressure balancing system, which adjusts for the size of the vehicle inside the spraybooth and the soiling of the filters without requiring any operator intervention by balancing the input and extraction power groups.


Each spraybooth is configured to meet your specific requirements, making every model a custom built solution. The Tornado series is available with a base (with optional internal ramps) which eliminates the requirement for excavation) and has various lighting, power, burner, size and door options.

Spraybooth features

• Stylish and practical design

• High quality finish

• Quality materials throughout

• Automatic Control

• Easy to control operation

• Centrifugal ventilator fans

• Indirect fired burners

• Stainless steel heat exchangers

• Double skinned wall, roof panels

• Mineral rockwool insulation

• Laminated safety glass

• Electronic light ballasts

• Excellent illumination

downdraught airflows

Ultra stable temperature control


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